A downloadable tool for Windows

Map Creator is a simple program which allows you to create and design map and levels with its own collisions for your 2D game, it is easy to use, with a few buttons and only using your mouse you will have your game design finished instantly!

You can especify the dimensions and the tile size in the "Create map" menu, you can handle many tabs for spritesheets, you can import and export the map as a PNG image and likewise the collisions in a csn file. (The sintax of collisions is the simpliest one ever. Each collision is declared in that file like "x, y, width,height" and each one is in a different line.

I hope it be useful for you!

Install instructions

It's a .jar file, so the browser could alert you that the file is dangerous, but i swear it isn't


Map Creator.jar 72 kB